6 Reasons You Should Consider Buying A Steel Frame Home

Steel frame homes are becoming more popular among homebuyers because they are modern, stylish, and environmentally friendly. Before you buck the system and tell your realtor to put you in a vinyl-clad home, consider these six reasons why it might be better to buy a steel frame home anyway.


The most attractive aspect of building a steel frame home is the cost. Building a home with a steel frame is considerably less expensive than building with a wooden frame. The biggest reason for this price difference is that labour costs are much lower for steel homes. 

Because steel frames are easier to work with, construction time is decreased, saving money on labour. Builders report that the framing portion of a steel-framed project can be done in half the time of wood framing. 

Steel frames are also easy to assemble and disassemble, making it easier and cheaper to accommodate any changes or additions you may want to add down the road. Additionally, because steel frames are easier to work with and more stable, they require less wood reinforcement than wood structures do. This means you can save money on lumber costs and potentially avoid future mould damage from moisture buildup around wood joints.

Easier to build

One of the most significant considerations for anyone building a new home should be ease of construction. With steel-framed homes, you can save time and money on labour costs. The kits go together by design, with no cutting or welding required. 

The process typically takes only a few days to prepare the foundation and a couple of weeks to erect the prefabricated steel frame. You’ll also cut down on labour costs if you do some work yourself. If you choose to use contractors during your build, it’s usually much faster and easier for them to construct a steel home than one made of wood or brick.

Faster construction time

It can be hard to imagine that you could build your own house—but this doesn’t have to be a dream. With steel home kit options, it’s becoming more and more possible for joe average to build their own homes, and this is mainly due to the fact that steel houses are so easy and fast to construct. The time frame is often much shorter than it would take if you were building a traditional home. The frames of the houses come together as pre-made pieces, which means there’s less chance for error, and you can put the pieces together in a fraction of the time it would take if you were building from scratch.

Greater energy efficiency

The steel frame of a home kit allows for flexibility in the amount of insulation you use, drastically changing your energy usage. SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) are sandwiched between the interior and exterior steel frames to add a layer of protection against the elements and increase R-values. By building your home with more insulation than is required by code, you can reduce your heating, cooling, and lighting costs throughout the year.

Increased durability

Steel frame homes are stronger than traditional wooden structures and are built to last longer, which means less upkeep and maintenance costs over time. Steel is also unaffected by moisture and pests—two of the biggest threats to wooden structures—and it isn’t susceptible to warping or cracking as wood can be. The steel frame panels are coated with zinc for further corrosion resistance, making them ideal for any climate.

Lower insurance rates

Steel frame homes are more affordable to insure because they’re both fire and termite resistant. Since they’re made of steel, they burn less readily than wood structures. Also, wood is an organic material that attracts termites, which can destroy the integrity of your home. But since steel isn’t organic and doesn’t attract these insects, a steel frame home is far less likely to be damaged. That’s why insurance companies often offer lower premiums for owners of steel frame homes.

Ultimately, steel-framed homes offer considerable benefits over traditional stick-built homes, such as strength and durability, a lower opportunity for mould growth, and are less expensive than a traditionally framed home. If you want to build your dream home, a kit home is the best way to do it. Straight Edge has everything you need to get started: steel frame kits, building plans, and professional assistance. Give us a call today.


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