Why Custom Steel Frame Homes Are Taking Over the Home Construction Industry

Steel framed homes are trendy these days and for good reasons. Steel framing offers unbeatable strength, superior durability, and lower cost. The benefits of steel frame are hard to argue with as it is lighter than wood construction but highly resistant to earthquakes and fires compared to traditional wood frame construction. The steel building system is easier to work with than wooden or concrete structures, making it quicker, easier, and less costly.

Custom Steel Frame Homes are Cheaper

The cost of a custom steel frame home is typically less than other types of construction. It is also less expensive than a traditional stick-built home or modular construction. There are many reasons for this: Steel frames require fewer man-hours to build because there are more occasional pieces to assemble and no need for drywall or mudding and taping.


Steel frames can be built faster than other types of construction, saving labour costs. Using steel frames reduces material costs, as they don’t require the same insulation or drywall as different types of homes.

Custom Steel Frame Homes are Better for the Environment

The environmental impact of building a home is vast. From the mining and extraction of raw materials to transportation and construction, there are many ways that a house can negatively impact the environment. However, you can reduce your carbon footprint considerably by choosing to build with steel.

Custom Steel Frame Homes Are Stronger 

Steel frames have become popular because they are stronger than wood frames. A steel frame will last much longer than a wood frame, so you won’t have to worry about your home falling apart after several years of use. In addition, steel frames are less likely to warp or rot than wooden frames and are resistant to termites and other pests.


Versatility isn’t just about designing your custom steel framed home from scratch. It also means being able to customize every element of your new home’s interior and exterior. You can choose from dozens of different finishes, colours, and textures for all significant components of your home — including walls, windows, doors, and more — so that it matches your tastes perfectly.

Energy Efficiency

When it comes to energy efficiency, steel frame homes are superior to wood-frame homes. This is because steel weighs less than wood and can be formed into curved shapes that allow for better insulation. Also, steel does not require a vapour barrier like timber, which means less energy loss through the walls and roof.


Because of their durability and strength, a steel frame home requires little maintenance over its lifetime. You will only need to paint or stain your steel frame home once every ten years, depending on how often you use your home and where you live (sun exposure).


A steel frame from Straight Edge is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a custom home. Their designs are varied, and the modular homes are constructed with care and attention to detail. Head to the website to view their selection of plans and learn more about the benefits of designing your own home. Straight Edge offers customization to go with any home design or floor plan–you’ll be hard-pressed to find another modular steel home builder who will better serve your needs.


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