Extend Your Home Fast with a Steel Framed Sleep Out Kit

When can a ‘sleep out’ addition become the best room in your house? 

The answer is when it’s a roomy, Straight Edge steel frame construction kit with a walk-in robe, en suite bathroom, linen cupboard, and space for a couch as well as the bed. 

The West Australian-made Straight Edge 2022 Sleep Out Kit is budget conscious, the base cost being just under $30,000. For a modest amount, the additional space makes your home much more livable and adds to its market value.

The self-contained Sleep Out Kit is sheer genius, answering the need to do an extension quickly, with minimal fuss. 

Whether an adult child has returned home to stay or an ailing person needs a quiet space where they can be comfortably cared for, the Sleep Out Kit is the answer. It can change an average home to accommodate multigenerational living. 

There are many advantage steel frames offer the building industry. Some are: 

  • Steel does not need to be impregnated with chemicals to stop termite damage. Note: termite damage may not be covered by your home’s insurance; 
  • Galvanised steel stumps are stronger than timber stumps;
  • Steel frames are prepared off-site rather than on-site, which helps speed up construction;
  • Steel frames do not rot or warp and can be recycled; and
  • Steel frames make it easier to build on difficult sites. 

Straight Edge uses only high-quality steel for all its kit products, from the innovative Sleep Out to family homes, cabanas, carports, chalets, and granny flats. All are designed to be built by either a registered builder or an owner-builder. 


The state government of Western Australia, on its Commerce WA website, offers advice for owner builders, including the following: 

  • “Before taking on a building project as an owner-builder, you should be aware that owner-builders take on many of the responsibilities of a registered builder. These responsibilities include:
  • Complying with all building standards including, the Building Code of Australia and safety regulations under the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984;
  • Obtaining permits, submitting notices and meeting other requirements of the Building Services Acts; and
  • Managing and supervising the entire building project from start to finish.”

Part of managing a steel kit build is to make sure insulation is adequate. The general advice is to be generous. Don’t stop at just insulating under the roof. Insulating within walls and, if possible, under the flooring will keep energy costs down through all seasons, holding the room’s interior at a steady temperature. 


As with all its construction kits, your Straight Edge Sleep Out Kit will come with easy-to-follow drawings and instructions. The company can also provide several services to support owner builders.

Straight Edge’s quality steel frame Sleepout Kit is the key to a lifestyle upgrade for the whole family that you will love. 

To discuss steel frame home construction, call Scott at Straight Edge now on 0416 167 553. Or email him at: straightedge@iinet.net.au

Ref: www.yourhome.gov.au/buy-build-renovate/renovations-and-additions 


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