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If you do not have the time or inclination to build your own home, we recommend the following options:

  • Become an owner-builder, but pay local trades direct to erect your home for you. If you need an introductuib to tradesmen in your local area, we can help
  • The second option is to have a registered builder take on the whole project for you. This will cost more, but may better suit your circumstances. Again, we are happy to assist wherever possible in helping you secure a builder to construct your new Straight Edge steel framed home.

Absolutely. At Straight Edge Steel Frame Homes you can change our existing plans free of charge.

While you’re at it, you can also narrow down your window and door selections, select internal features, such as raked or coffered ceilings; and nominate your external cladding preferences.

Once your design is complete, we provide a quote for the supply of your new Straight Edge Steel Framed Home with all the features included.

Yes, we can. As long as they are your plans and/or you own the copyright on the design.

We require at least a 1:100 floor plan and four elevations in order to quote for you. If you have drawn your own floor plan to scale, but without elevations, it will need to be sketched up in order to quote.

Straight Edge Steel Framed Drafting offers a competitively priced service to get this done. The fee is subtracted from the cost of your kit should you proceed with the purchase of your new home.

This depends on a few variables, but it is possible to save from between 30% to 40%, compared to the cost of getting a builder to do the same home for you.

Obviously, the more you do yourself, the more you save – the faster the home is erected, the more you save.

The beauty with a kit home is that you control the budget and buy the fittings and fixtures, so you know exactly where your dollars are being spent, and can avoid paying more than you need to.

Once you have purchased your new home, we immediately get busy preparing the engineering drawings for certification and organise an Energy Assessment, so you can submit your plans to shire and arrange a building permit.

By the time this is done and you have your site ready to receive your frames, about 90 days would have passed.

There are situations where we can produce and supply homes much faster depending on your individual circumstances. To find out more, email or phone (08) 9440 0929.





We told Scott when we met him that we were high maintenance clients and that we had high expectations and researched everything. No matter how annoying we were, they helped us with our design and the major surprise was there were no charges for changing our minds midway. As long as the steel had not been ordered, we could adjust the design. Even when the steel was ordered and minor changes were required because some aspects would not quite work with some adjustments we had made, they found some way to resolve the issue.

They accommodated our research and embraced new things we found that added to the design of the house. When we had a few stumbles because of non delivery (not Straight Edge’s fault) there was calm support as together we worked out how to resolve our special orders as owner builders, and not big time builders with power.

This journey was all the more pleasant because of Straight Edge Steel Frame Homes.

Thanks Scott

The Cheeseman’s.


This is the second time we have done plans to build a home, and being the second time around we really knew what we were after but also needed expert advice as we have lots of ideas. We wanted to work with a draftsman that provided steel frame home kits that would also work with rammed earth.

When first was looking around we came across Straightedge homes website and noticed they accommodated and supported owner builders – which was also what we had planned to do again. First time meeting with Scott I was so happy, he really knows the product and is very accommodating to what we wanted to do, extremely flexible in changing plans (many times!!) plus also fantastic at just general building advice on what will and won’t work. Scott has a very calm and easy going approach he is working on getting our ideas to work in the design not what works best for him.

So far we are close to our final plans, and we couldn’t recommend working with Scott enough. Most importantly to us he also has taken a great interest in our vision and is so helpful and is capable to support us through this project, which is important to us as we are building our home now just a house. Thanks Scott!



As a young couple looking to build we did extensive research into suppliers of steel framed homes and found that Straight Edge were not just faultless but were a stand out among all other steel framed home suppliers in Western Australia.

With their customer service, attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile, you certainly will not be disappointed. If you’re looking for prompt, detailed answers to your building and design questions (as we were), you’ll be pleasantly surprised with Straight Edge’s consistency. We highly recommend Straight Edge to anyone who is looking to design and build a steel framed dream home.

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