New Listing – INSTArooms

New Listing – INSTArooms

Are you struggling for space at home and wish you had one more room?

Are you starting a home business but can’t decide which existing room in your home to make the office?

When we have lived in our homes for long enough the ability to “make space” can be difficult with everything we have accumulated over our lifetimes, but there is an easy fix!

The new INSTAroom backyard POD range are a fantastic way to add space to your home with a minimum of fuss.

At just under 10sqm in size and lower than 2.4m in height they will not require shire approval in most cases.

The cost of adding a room to your home through renovations and additions can be very costly making

these INSTAroom PODS the perfect choice when you’re aiming to solve a space problem.

PODS are available as DIY kits or fully built onsite and include a Dimplex Portable Air conditioner.


Download the brochures for more information or call Scott on 0416 167 553 today.


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