New listing – The Pods

INSTAroom Backyard Pods now Available in Perth

Do you need more space in your home? Another room?

Many people do.

Is the reason you haven’t acted due to the high cost of renovating and adding onto your home?

It’s a common reason for not doing anything about your space issue.

Do you have space in your backyard and want something better than a converted shed that can add value to your existing home?

If the answer is Yes to any of the questions above, an INSTAroom POD is the answer.

Whether it be because of a growing family, starting a new home business, or simply wanting a comfortable hobby space,

INSTAroom PODS Pods offer usable space that can be either installed as a DIY project or fully built on site in less than a week, and add value to your property.

PODS are available in three standard sizes and are clad with Scyon Easylap, and Hardies Primeline Chamferboard for a contemporary look with clean lines.

Sizes and pricing is as follows

4.2m x 4.2m – $21,862 inc GST
4.8m x 4.8m – $23,144 inc GST
5.2m x 5.2m – $27,352 inc GST

If the DIY approach isn’t for you, then ask for a quote for install by our builder.

All Pods include delivery within the Perth Metro Area and include the following components

  • Bluescope Truecore Enduro wall and roof framing
  • An easy to assemble steel floor system
  • 22mm Aquatite tongue and groove flooring
  • Timber step materials and how to drawings
  • Roof and ceiling battens
  • Colorbond roof sheeting, fascia, gutter and downpipe
  • Colorbond barge capping and flashings
  • Scyon Easylap cladding to the side elevations
  • Hardies Primeline Chamferboard cladding to the front and rear elevations
  • Colorbond external corner trims
  • 2.4m wide Jason’s sliding door plus two sliding windows
  • Your choice of Plasterboard or Fibre Cement internal linings, including wall and ceiling batts
  • Shire drawings
  • “How to” drawings

To find out more call 0416 167 553 or fill out the inquiry form.

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