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Backyard Pods and TRUECORE® Colorbond Steel – the perfect match

There’s a new kid on the block here at Straight Edge: our new Backyard Pods range. In previous posts, we have introduced our Backyard Pods as a great space-saving alternative for extra room in your backyard, without having to build an extension to your existing house.

But what about the ‘bones’ of our Backyard Pods – what makes them strong and durable enough to withstand Perth’s harsh, hot summers and stormy winters?

The answer is 90mm Bluescope TRUECORE® Steel wall and roof frames with a 50-year material guarantee.

Numerous benefits come with choosing a Straight Edge Backyard Pod made with TRUECORE® wall and roof frames:

  • Termite proof
  • Steel is strong and durable
  • Perfect dimensions to ensure your backyard pod stands straight and true
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 50-year material guarantee

TRUECORE® Colorbond Steel keeps your Straight Edge Backyard Pod safe from termites and other pests

You can rest easy when you choose a Straight Edge Steel Backyard Pods. Made with TRUECORE® Colorbond Steel wall and roof frames, our Pods are 100% termite and borer proof. This means that our frames don’t require any additional chemical treatments.

TRUECORE® steel is also non-combustible, which dramatically reduces the amount of potentially flammable material used in the construction of your Backyard Pod.

Contact Straight Edge today to learn more about our range of Backyard Pods.

TRUECORE® Steel is strong and durable – which means your Backyard Pod is, too

Steel has been proven to stand the test of time. TRUECORE® Colorbond Steel is inherently strong and durable, meaning the structural integrity of your Straight Edge Backyard Pod will never come into question, no matter where you live. TRUECORE® Steel is cyclone-proof, fire-proof, and resistant against any environmental condition that comes its way.

Contact Straight Edge today to learn more about our range of Backyard Pods, and how they stand the test of time in partnership with TRUECORE® Steel.

Precision engineering for your Backyard Pod

The wall and roof frames for our Straight Edge Backyard Pods are engineered to be dimensionally accurate, meaning your Pod’s frame will not shrink, twist or warp. This reduces the likelihood of any problems with the Pod’s interior, such as cracking cornices, jamming doors or wavy roof lines.

Contact Straight Edge today to learn more about our TRUECORE® Steel wall and roof frames.

The environmentally-friendly choice for your Backyard Pod requirements

As TRUECORE® Colorbond Steel requires no additional chemical treatments, steel framing is recognised internationally as a healthy home alternative, particularly for those suffering from health conditions such as asthma.   Contact Straight Edge today to discuss your Backyard Pod requirements.

Our steel frame Backyard Pods are backed by a 50-year guarantee

TRUECORE® Steel is backed by BlueScope’s Steel’s 50-year warranty, providing peace of mind to our Backyard Pod clients.

Our Backyard Pods are a quality product that will stand the test of time thanks to our attention to detail and our TRUECORE® Steel wall and roof frames. Contact us today to talk about your Straight Edge Perth Backyard Pod solution.



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