Things to check when buying kit homes

Buying a kit home may seem like an easy thing to do. However, there are many factors you’ll need to consider to make the right decision. We’ve compiled a few of the most important things you should check when buying kit homes to assist with this.

Check the kit home manufacturer’s credentials

The person or company you buy your kit home from must have experience designing and manufacturing quality homes. Check how long they have been in business and whether they have any awards or accreditations, and ask them if they can provide references or testimonials from other customers.

Check the quality of materials used

Ask what materials are used to construct your new kit homes, such as steel or timber frames, insulation, and wall cladding. Ensure these materials will meet Australian Standards and Building Codes so that you know your new home will be safe and durable. Choose a supplier that uses quality materials that will last for years without maintenance, like steel.

Will it be easy to build?

One of the main reasons people buy kit homes is because they believe they will save time and money by completing most of the building process themselves. However, many underestimate how complicated this can be.

Therefore, you need to check precisely what work needs to be done and if you have the skills necessary to do it. You may require some assistance or need a builder to complete certain build parts. This means it is essential to discuss your options with an experienced builder before committing.

Is the finish good?

Kit homes typically have unfinished surfaces, so it’s essential to ensure that the materials are solid and well-built. But you can’t always trust what the manufacturer or builder says about that. For example, a small builder may claim that their house is constructed from low-maintenance materials. Still, if you peel back the layers, you’ll see an interior made from vinyl, particleboard, or other flimsy materials.

What does it come standard with?

When looking at what comes standard with a kit house, the first thing to look at is how the house will be delivered. Some companies offer a basic delivery, which means that only what comes in the kit is delivered to your site. They will not provide any extra materials or tools. This may mean that you have to purchase any additional materials on top of what comes in the kit. Other companies offer more options for delivery, including some assembly and even complete assembly on site, which can make things much easier for you during the building process.

If you want to save money and build your home quickly, it is best to do it through a kit home. It will give you precisely what you want and at a price, you can afford. Straight Edge Kit Homes is the company to work with if you want the highest quality of services for buying a kit home. You can trust that they will only provide excellent service and quality homes.


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