What to look for in a great steel frame home

When shopping for a new steel home, you’ll have some concerns, especially if you’ve never built a house before. One of the most important issues is your concern over what to look for in a great home because abundant choices are available.

Weather-tight Enclosure

The weather-tight enclosure is the outermost layer of protection between the outside world and your home. It’s critical that this layer be high quality and built to last. The best way to ensure this is by choosing a certified professional trained and tested in steel frame construction techniques. They should also be well versed in proper installation techniques and materials so that it lasts as long as possible.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is a crucial feature of steel frame homes. Steel is a very efficient building material, allowing for a more flexible design than wood-frame construction. Steel frame buildings are also less susceptible to fire than wood-frame homes, which means they can be built further away from fire departments.

Energy usage accounts for 40 percent of the average household’s utility bill. The more efficient your home is, the lower your monthly bills will be. A house that uses less energy also produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions, which helps fight climate change.


Steel framing is more rigid than wood framing, meaning the foundation must be built to withstand the additional forces exerted on it by the structure above it. This can be accomplished by building a thicker or broader concrete pad or footing for the home’s foundation.

It’s important to understand that not all steel framing companies build foundations like this as part of their standard package with every home; some use concrete pads or footings that meet local codes but don’t provide sufficient support for a steel frame home. So if you choose this type of construction, ask about the quality of your builder’s foundations before deciding on one company over another.

Interior and exterior finish options

The interior and exterior finish options in steel frame homes can make all the difference in how much time you spend on maintenance. You want these finishes to be high quality so they last as long as possible. Choosing a high-quality paint or stain will make your home more beautiful while reducing the time you spend on maintenance.

Ease of installation

One of the biggest benefits of choosing steel over other building materials is that it’s easy to install. It doesn’t require any special tools or skillsets, so even those with no construction experience can easily build their own home from scratch. The material also comes in various thicknesses, so even if you don’t have much space to work with, you can still find a method that works best for you.


A good frame will last many years without major repairs or maintenance. It should also have a warranty covering all workmanship issues for as long as you own your home or until the warranty expires — whichever comes first.

Straight Edge homes stand out from the competition with their exceptional craftsmanship, cost-effectiveness, and durability. They have also established quality relationships with trusted suppliers in the industry and have passed rigorous building certifications and regulations.


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