When is the best time to have a steel frame home?

Are you planning to have a steel frame home? Before you go ahead, ensure that it will serve your needs in the future. If you are unsure what to look for when buying one, it is easy to get confused with all the available online information. To help you out, below is a list of some things you should consider before having a steel frame home.

When you’re building a custom home

The truth is that wood framing cannot match up with the strength and durability of steel framing. Building with wood can be more time-consuming, primarily due to the lumber’s drying times and adhesives used in its construction. While wood is a beautiful material and can be used in many different applications, it isn’t as strong as steel. A custom homemade steel frame can withstand more pressure than one made from wood framing. Your custom steel frame home will stand even in severe weather conditions like hurricanes or tornadoes.

When you want to protect your family

Your family’s safety is a priority. Anytime you can make your house safer for your family, you should do it. Steel framing can help protect your family in the following ways:

Protection from fire

Your house is more likely to catch on fire than a steel building. Steel buildings have a high fire rating, meaning that the materials and construction of the building will not easily catch on fire. The outside of these buildings is usually steel, which does not burn. The insulation and drywall are also resistant to flames.

When you frame a home with steel, the same materials are also used in the interior walls. This means the house will have a high fire rating, just like the building. This helps protect your family in case of a fire.

Protection from wind

Steel buildings are constructed to withstand winds up to 200 mph in some cases. While your home may never encounter such powerful winds, it is still good to know that it is built strong enough to protect your family against such an event. The metal framing acts as a load-bearing structure, holding all house parts together and protecting them against the wind. It can even help the house resist damage from debris flying through the air during a storm or tornado.

When you’re worried about termites

Termites can destroy the wooden frames of houses. They can also damage other parts of the house and ruin possessions. Steel is a desirable alternative because it is resistant to damage from termites and other bugs.

This makes steel frame homes an excellent option if you live in areas where termites are common. It’s also a good idea to be sure that your home will last as long as possible without needing repairs and replacements.

When you want to go green

Having a steel frame home built is a great way to create an environmentally friendly house. Steel is 100% recyclable, so when you have your steel frame home built, you are already environmentally friendly. Whenever possible, use recycled steel for your frame.

Steel is also highly energy efficient. It insulates well against temperature changes, but it also requires significantly less material to build a frame with steel than with timber. This means that there will be less impact on the environment and more money in your wallet.

When you factor in long-term building costs, steel frame homes make more financial sense than other types of construction. Aside from that, the energy efficiency of a steel frame home is unprecedented and could cut your monthly energy bill significantly. Overall, there’s no reason you can’t have a beautiful steel frame home, so get yourself a beautiful frame home from Straight Edge.


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