Steel is the ultimate building material. It doesn’t rot, warp, twist or split; and termites can’t eat it! Steel is also renowned for its strength and durability. When you build a Straight Edge kit home using high quality fully welded tubed frames, you can rest assured it’ll stand the test of time.

Here are some of the other benefits of building with steel frames:


Steel materials are extremely strong, but lightweight, which means less material is required compared to traditional timber or block methods. This makes steel a cost efficient building material. The lightweight nature of steel also means transportation costs and construction times are reduced for additional savings.


Because steel frames are lighter and easier to use than traditional building materials, homes constructed with steel can be completed in around half the time of those built with bricks and mortar.


Steel frames and trusses can easily be modified to accommodate all types of designs, including curve designs. This enables owner-builders to copy designs that use traditional end products.

Environmentally Friendly

Steel framed homes not only save you money they are also environmentally friendly. Less material is needed compared to traditional homes, which means less waste material ends up in landfill. Steel can also be recycled after a steel frame structure is being demolished, and because no timber is used in the construction of the frame; the impact on trees is reduced.


Unlike wood materials, pests do not affect steel, so steel framed homes do not require treatment with pesticides, preservatives or glues. As such, restoration and maintenance requirements are also reduced.

Steel frames are non-combustible, which means they do not contribute to the spread of fire. Moisture build-up is also minimised, which reduces the formation of mould.